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Top 10 Coldwell Banker Stories of the Month – May 2022 Copy

Jake Gutkin, June 2, 2022

We are excited to share the Coldwell Banker Top 10 earned press placements across the globe for the month of May. This is a small snapshot of Coldwell Banker’s 1,000+ press placements for the month in media outlets that reach more than 338+ million viewers. Click the links to read and share this news coverage that ranges from international to national to local and celebrates the Coldwell Banker brand, leadership, and agent accomplishments and/or properties.

Top 10 Coldwell Banker Earned Press Placements

May 2022


Great Resignation quitters are rushing to get real estate licenses (CEO Ryan Gorman)


Ryan Gorman: Demand of buyers continues to outstrip the supply of sellers (CEO Ryan Gorman)


Coldwell Banker CEO Speaks at 2022 LGBTQ+ Housing Policy Symposium (CEO Ryan Gorman)


CB Real Estate Reveals Impressive Growth in Q1 2022 and High Retention in 2021 (COO Liz Gehringer)


How Coldwell Banker Is Shifting Gears                          (David Marine, CMO & Victoria Keichinger, VP of brand marketing)


The ‘Great Resignation’ is Spurring People to Move—and Changing America (Coldwell Banker Survey)


CBC Welcomes New Affiliated Companies                         (Dan Spiegel, CBC SVP & Managing Director)


A Self-Storage Billionaire Wants $127.5 Million for Her Malibu Compound (Jade Mills, California)


Madison Avenue’s Biggest Event Returns, to a Whole New World (CMO David Marine)


Texas Oil Magnate’s Daughter Sells Aspen Mansion for $60 Million (Carrie Wells, CB Mason Morse, Aspen)